Ruth Smeeth

We understand that Joan is standing down at the next election and one of our members Ruth Smeeth will be standing in Joan’s place. Ruth will be at our 14th April meeting and is looking forward to meeting members personally.

Ruth was elected and we look forward to working with her.

Ruth has already been very helpful in writing to the owners of Festival Park to complain about the abuse of blue badge bays.




A record of Joan Walley’s fantastic help to resolve issues.

8.7.2014 An Immediate response from Joan about the problems of access at Winton House for PIP Assessments.


 Dear Pam
> Having read your report I am very concerned indeed about the apparent failure to ensure the building is compliant.
> I will raise this directly with Capita and with the DWP. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Joan

Role: Member of Parliament for Stoke on Trent North
Role: Chair of the Environmental Audit Select Committee

Oct 2014

Joan’s involvement in this issue lead to a site visit with a Capita representative and many of the outstanding issues were resolved. They are installing call buttons at the entrances, electric opening doors in the corridors, a loop system in reception. We are hoping to resolve the parking problems with Capita and have suggested that they pay for taxis to transport people to their appointments and that wheelchairs are made available to transport people through the long corridors.

MP’s Involvement with STAND Stoke:

Issue: Disabled people being disadvantaged by having to use the pay and display system at UHNS.


 We did indeed raise this at our MPs meeting with UHNS.

 I will ask about the figures. I got the distinct impression that they were trying to do what they could but that they were limited by financial constraints.



Dear Pam

Thanks for this. MPs meet regularly with UHNS and I will make sure that your concerns about parking are added to the agenda.





Dear Pam,

 I share your concern and will find a way of raising this.