Hi Folks, we have won a lottery grant for the BLUE IRIS project, this will get people chatting to one another and is designed to combat loneliness. A simple but great idea. You sign a pledge to be open to chat to people when you wear your blue iris badge. The badge is a sign that you will be willing to chat. No pressure, no home visits, you just wear the badge when you feel you have the time to chat. The chats can be anywhere in a public place, shops, bus stops, doctors etc.

If you are a warm, kind, friendly, person who would like to be involved in this project, you can get further information and your BLUE IRIS badge from Jo Coulson or Rob Lamonby via the Blue Iris Facebook page here. The badges are free but we hope people will make a donation so we can buy more badges.

To read the story about the launch in the Sentinel Click this link

Our sincere thanks go to all the people who are now wearing the Blue Iris badges and our wonderful ambassadors who are spreading the message about the Blue Iris Project and giving out Blue Iris Badges.

We have the support of some wonderful people including our MPs.

On Friday 14th July 2017 we met with Ruth and she signed the pledge to wear her Blue Iris badge.

The campaign is going really well with 1500 badges already given out.

If you spot someone wearing the badge, please go and say hello.



On Monday 18th Sept 2017 we were invited to meet Gareth Snell MP for him to receive his Blue Iris badge. He is really supportive of the project and has promised to publicise it where he can. It is great to have the backing of our hard working MPs.