Closure of Regent Centre which deals with Blue Badges

A member raised the issue of the closure of the Regent Centre that deals with parking issues including blue badges so STAND asked what was happening so members could still get their blue badges.

The intention is that Parking Services will relocate, with the majority of staff continuing to deliver services from home (ordering blue badges, answering telephones, responding to penalty correspondence etc).  Staff will work on a rota in the office to open post/scan it into the computer and to print permits and letters for posting.  Blue Badges are now ordered online from the staff working from home (through the government website) and are posted to applicants homes directly.

Face to Face services going forward will be provided from the local centres and libraries.  The web pages are being updated so that applying for residents permits and appealing parking penalties can be done through a web form rather than an email.

Blue Badges:

They dropped the paper application form for blue badges approximately 4 years ago, with applications now being made directly through the government website or over the telephone with the call centre.  Supporting documentation can be posted in the post box outside the Regent Centre at the moment, or photographed with a smart phone or scanned in the normal way.

Parking Permits:

Parking permits are applied for either by email or by the post box outside the Regent Centre (the new permit request form will be live on the councils website shortly)

Parking Penalties:

Appeal forms/letters can be emailed or posted in the post box outside the Regent Centre.

 Staff are still available to answer queries over the telephone: 01782 237999

Once they have moved from the Regent Centre, they will let us know.

They have continued to process all blue badge applications, permit applications and penalty disputes throughout the Pandemic in a timely manner.  They have had many compliments about how quick and easy the service has been.  Many customers pleased they no longer have to travel to one office – in Hanley to access services.  Going forward residents will be able to go into their local library or local centre if they want to access services face to face or they do not have a computer to access this service from home.