Corona Virus Information

STAND has been trying to find out where we can go for help with shopping, medications etc. during the out break. Simmy from Healthwatch very kindly provided this website for Stoke.

Ring 08005615610 for help with shopping or fetching medication if you have no one else to do this.

To arrange newspaper deliveries ring News Team on 01782 358998. When you ring if there is a long queue press 2 on your phone and they will ring you back.

Offers of help;

Hi Pam it’s Mr Ahmed the taxi driver I would like you to ask any off your group or any one who need any help from hackney carriage association any way ie picking shopping up or to be taken to hospital for appointment or any other assistance we our more the happy to help- ring 07886864432
I have been very touched by the amount of help that people are offering. If you have any information that might help please contact me.

A member sent this info regarding PIP

Hi pam

 My pip review is due   this is for info.  They sent my appointment for riverside stoke.  I rang them up 3 wks ago and pointed out world health organisation said we had stay away from doctors surgeries so they booked me an appointment at my home    then goverment said all delayed for 3 months.   Then today had text they still doing it at same time but over the phone.
Ps please inform others    Goverment have not repeat not cancelled assesments.
Regards Terry 
More information as it comes in.