Drugs Shortage


At our AGM members complained that when they went to collect their medicines from the pharmacies there were often items missing as the pharmacy had not got them in stock causing great problems for some disabled people as they needed to get a taxi to collect their medication.

STAND emailed Andrew Pickard Pharmacy Advisor|Staffordshire and Shropshire Area Team|NHS England and he has offered to come to our meeting to talk about this problem.

The Patients Association had this article in their latest newsletter:

Patients being “harmed” by drug shortages 
One in three GPs have said that their patients have suffered as a result of shortages of common prescription drugs. A poll of GPs has revealed that more than nine in 10 family doctors have been forced to write prescriptions for “second choice” medicines because the drug they wished to provide was out of stock.

In recent years, scores of medicines, including those for breast cancer, arthritis and schizophrenia have run low because drugs intended for British use are being diverted abroad for profit, while others have been subject to production problems.

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said,
“We are deeply concerned to learn that patients are still being denied access to key medicines. This crisis began several years ago and it would appear that it has still not been resolved. Patient safety is being compromised and we would like to know what the government is doing to address it.” 
“Having access to the medicines prescribed by their doctor is a basic right that all patients should be able to expect. It is appalling that in 21st century Britain, patients are unable to receive even this most basic of services. This is not only dangerous for patients, but also inconvenient for overworked doctors who are frantically trying to find alternatives for their patients.”

I will let members know when Andrew will be coming to discuss this with us as soon as arrangements have been made. Andrew has provisionally booked to come to our meeting on 2nd Dec 2014. This will be confirmed closer to the date.

Andrew gave a brilliant talk with advice for members about what they can do to ensure they get their medications on time.