Welcome to STAND (Stoke-on-Trent Area Network for Disability)

Date of next meeting is our Virtual AGM on Oct 12th 2021

For information about the Blue Iris Project,

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Who Are We
We are “Experts by Experience” who know how important it is to eliminate the obstacles that hamper a disabled person’s right to live an independent life.

Anyone who has been involved with disability knows how little changes eg. to the design of a building, the power of a light bulb, the size of print, etc. can make a big impact on a disabled person’s ability to operate independently.

Membership is made up of people with a range of disabilities, carers and other interested people.

What Do We Do
STAND exists to try to improve access to goods and services for people with disabilities. We recognise the importance of independence and ease of access has a great effect on independence.
Issues we have been involved with so far:

  • Blue Badge Bays in Longton Park
  • New Multi Storey Car Park in Hanley
  • More adapted shopping trolleys in Iceland Supermarket
  • Electric charging points
  • Lonliness Blue Iris
  • Red Routes
  • UHNS parking and access
  • A&E provision for Disabled People
  • Middleport Pottery
  • Museum and Library
  • Health Centres
  • Railway station
  • Hanley Town Centre
  • Central Business District
  • Carmountside Crematorium
  • Westport Lake Greenstreet Project
  • Shopmobility
  • Podietry Provision
  • Aids and Adaptations
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Blue badge, and disabled bay abuse
  • Accessible pavements
  • Advising planners on viability of plans and impact on disabled people.
  • Access to PIP assessments at Winton House in Stoke.

How do we do this?
We have 5 or 6 general meetings a year where members hear what progress has been made on the projects that we have running. Sometimes officials responsible for these projects are invited to these meeting so members can get a first hand account of progress. The members then make suggestions as to how these projects can be taken forward. Suggestions are discussed and a course of action is decided upon.

Any other issues are discussed and action planned.

Members offer to take on responsibility for actions and then report back at the next meeting.

We have an executive that meets every month and they co-ordinate meetings with officials, other disabled groups and anyone else that may be able to help.

How are we going to develop?
STAND won a Lottery bid to publicise the work that STAND does and to recruit more members because as our membership increases so does our Expert base. We need people who have experienced problems with access so we can make officials aware of these problems so that solutions can be built in at the design stage. We have built a website stand-stoke.org.uk to further raise awareness of issues affecting disabled people. Our hope is that STAND will be consulted in the planning stage of any public development so we can advise before development starts, thus saving expensive work afterwards.