Hospital parking free for disabled people from April 2020

The Government have told hospitals not to charge disabled people to park from April 2020.

See full details by typing this in to your computer.

From February 2021 Royal Stoke has started free parking for disabled blue badge holders. This had been delayed due to Coronavirus but it active from Feb. 2021. You need to register your badge and registration number at the parking office on the ground floor of the multi storey car park. It takes 24 hours before it is loaded onto the software but you can still get free parking by showing your badge to the person at the barrier to the car park or by calling for help by using the button at the side of the barrier. STAND has been campaigning for the return of free parking since the hospital started charging. Our sincere thanks go to our MPs, Jack Brereton has worked very hard on our behalf and to the hospital staff for ensuring this happened even though they were so busy with the pandemic.