Meir Health Centre reverses the decision to close the disabled car park access after 5pm

Meir Health Centre Management has closed the door from the disabled car park after 5pm although some surgeries are open until 8pm thus denying disabled people the opportunity to access appointments after 5pm.

STAND contacted Healthwatch, Community Health Voice, Rob Flello MP, Local counsellors and The Sentinel to try to get this decision overturned. An immediate response from Healthwatch and Alex Smith from the Sentinel who is trying to contact patients from Meir Health Centre to get their views. If you would like to let Alex know what you think of this please ring 01782 864141.

17th July 2014

Rob Flello MP wrote to the Centre Management about this issue.

21st July 2014

I have just heard that the management have been convinced to reverse this decision, so the doors to the disabled car park will remain open while the building is open to patients.

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved with this issue. It is only with YOUR help that we got this decision overturned and also received agreement that any future proposed actions that affect patients, will be discussed with the surgeries and with patients BEFORE they are implemented.

22nd July 2014

Alex Smith from the Sentinel is writing a story about this issue.Meir Health Centre