Museum Parking

The Council are proposing to build over the existing disabled car park at the museum. Stand has met with officials and there were two sites for the new parking spaces. one for 5 spaces outside the museum in Bethesda Street or a small car park between the museum and the library. STAND said that we needed both as it would be dangerous for disabled drivers to transfer from car to wheelchair on the street as they would be in the path of heavy traffic. These spaces are ideal for people who were unable to walk very, or who were passengers. The other car park would have been too far away (It was over 50 mtrs) for people who cannot walk very far but it would have been ideal for drivers in wheelchairs to transfer in safety. The distance is less of a problem in a wheelchair.

There will be far more people with blue badges after March this year as the rules are changing to include more conditions that will be included within the blue badge criteria so we will need more spaces.

Following our concerns the Council have appointed an independent company to look at the safety issues we raised and that company has deemed the transfers in Bethesda Street to be safe so this is their preferred option. We remain concerned and have had these concerns recorded. Our local MPs are also looking at this issue.