New Government Advice on Hospital Parking Charges

On Saturday 23rd Aug 2014 BBC news announced that the Government was to issue new advice to hospitals about parking charges, including the news that disabled people should be given concessions or free parking,. See the full article here

See the Government advice here Government Guidance on Hospital Parking Charges

See the comments by the Sentinel 5th Sept. 14

At a meeting at the hospital on 5th December 2014 Nan Sharp and Mike Brown delivered a report “Department of Health Guidance on Car parking Issued 23.8.14- Implications and recommendations for UHNM” where they outlined what the hospital needs to do in order to meet these guidelines. With effect from Jan 1st 2015 blue badge holders will have 1 hour added to the time they have paid for and the hospital will ensure that Pay on Exit capabilities are built into the design brief for the additional car parking investments 2015/2016

Patients Association Sept 14

Hospital Parking Charges
Hospital parking charges and fines continue to frustrate patients across England. Many patient groups and individuals up and down the country have called for trusts to either scrap charges or place a cap on them. The Patients Association continues to hear from patients who are angry about the current situation, which many feel is an unfair tax on the sick.
Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said,
“We have been concerned about hospital car parking charges and fines for many years. We receive many calls to our Helpline from patients who are outraged that hospitals are using this as an opportunity to bring in funds.

Going to hospital can be stressful and patients do not need further stress by having to worry about the cost of parking or about any fines that they may incur. Many hospital appointments frequently over-run, particularly those involving specialist treatments such as chemotherapy. It is not fair that these patients should be worried about rushing back to their cars to top-up the meter in such a situation.

Hospitals should be properly supported by the Government without having to rely on charging and fining patients and visitors to make ends meet. Car parking charges make a mockery of a service supposedly free at the point of need and we urge the Department of Health to scrap this policy, and end this charge on being sick.”