Obstructions on the pavements and Transport Lane

Member Phil Mountford asked STAND to look at the problems caused by obstructions on the pavements. Wheelchair users were being forced into the road as the pavements were blocked by vehicles. When he complained to the Council they said it was a police matter and when he complained to the police they said it was a Council matter.


We asked Steve Buckton from the Council to attend our our meeting on 28th Jan 2014. He told us:

Roads subject to a traffic order are subject to council Civil Enforcement Officers and can be issued with a PCN (ticket). If someone has parked where there are no parking restrictions ie. the pavement, the council cannot do anything about this, which means that it should be reported to the police. Members are recommended to take photographs of the offending vehicle  with the number plate and report the matter to the police. If the problem persists we will invite the Police and Crime Commissioner to a future meeting to discuss the matter.

Following our meeting on 1st April we have invited Matthew Ellis The Police and Crime Commissioner to our meeting on 5th August. Mike Clark from the Council will also be at this meeting so we should be able to establish who is responsible and what can be done about it.

Rob Flello MP sent someone from his office to attend this meeting and he has also written to Staffordshire Police about this matter.


Apparently there is some progress with this issue (see below) and Matthew Ellis will not be coming to our August meeting.

From: PCC@staffordshire.pcc.pnn.gov.uk
> Subject: STAND
> Pam
> My apologies for not coming back to you about the meeting on the 5 August,
> I have discussed your email in great detail and your request for Mr Ellis
> to attend one of your meetings, what he has requested is that at present he
> has instigated a review into repatriating Powers to PCSO’s that will
> hopefully address the issues that you raise so that it would be within
> their remit to deal with the problems members of your group are having,
> until such time a decision has been made whilst Mr Ellis can sympathise
> with the problems being experienced he is unable to add anything until the
> review is complete. So with this in mind he has asked for me to send his
> apologies for the 5 August initially whilst the review is taking place,
> once a decision has been made and a more definitive answer can be given to
> you and your group I would hope to contact you and arrange for Mr Ellis to
> meet with you at this time.
> Kind regards
> Veronica Powell

25th April 2014

Rob Flello’s letter from the police inspector Amanda Davies says that they have carried out an operation in Longton and will be contacting STAND to work with them.


Still no word from Amanda Davies or Matthew Ellis.


Kayleigh Dawson PCSO from Longton Police rang to give an update on the problems in Transport Lane.

“Staffordshire Police have been working very closely with Taxi Licensing,
 and Parking Enforcement to alleviate this issue. A number of tactics have
 been explored to date including: Multi agency meetings, Joint enforcement
 days, High visibility patrols, and raising awareness throughout the local
 Recently I held a meeting with Highways, Enforcement and Taxi Licensing to
 discuss a possible long term approach to combat the parking issues on
 Longton Town. At present we are working together on a proposed long term
 solution. I am unable to provide further detailed information at this
 present time. However, I will update accordingly once a decision has been

18 11 14

At last we have had confirmation that the review is almost complete. See letter sent to Rob Flello MP Matthew Ellis