Members were very concerned about the proposed move from the Shopping Centre to John Street car park. John Street car park is a considerable distance from where Shopmobility users wanted to shop and members were concerned about having to travel this distance in all weathers.


At our meeting on 28th Jan 2014 we asked the council to comment on this:

  1.    Steve Buckton

Steve said that Shopmobility would be staying in the Potteries Shopping Centre for the foreseeable future. A situation that might change when the Potteries Centre start their proposed new buildings. Steve said that he would keep us informed. Lez said that the  Changing Places Unit would be decommissioned in Feb 14. Discussion about advertising and signage to Shopmobility and the amount time the unit (Changing Places) was used and was it in the best place were aired. Lez said she would contact the groups that were instrumental in getting the unit in the first place to assess how much it was being used and bring this information to the next meeting. She will also invite members of these groups to our next meeting. This unit cost a great deal of money and it is essential that it is sited in the best place where it will be used.. Terry to ask how many people have used this in the last 6 months and bring that information to our next meeting. Steve pointed out that Shopmobility does run at a loss and any suggestion as to how it can be made more cost effective would help.

At our meeting on 1st April 2014 Ian Tamburello informed STAND of a temporary move into the old bus station in Birch Terrace as the location in the Potteries Centre had become unsafe due to the building work. Negotiations will continue to return Shopmobility to the Shopping Centre when work is completed.

The opening of Shopmobility at the old bus station was on 10th April. It was a very successful launch. There will be extra disabled bays put in near to the entrance, but blue badge holders can use ordinary bays free of charge when they display their badge.

May 2014

Many members have expressed their support of the move into the old bus station. Many people find this much more convenient than the old location. They say that the new venue is closer to where they want to do their shopping.