Winton House PIP Assessments

PIP investigation: Council probes ‘shockingly poor and dishonest’ assessments

March 17 We are aware that some members are unhappy with the PIP assessment not reflecting the extent of their health issues. See Above.

Feb 2016 I have been told that our website is being used by people who have an assessment interview at Winton House as they are concerned about being able to access the interview rooms so I have added a little here to help.

Parking is a big problem at the venue, there is a bay for a few cars but is often used by other members of the public. If you have a blue badge there is a short stretch close to the disabled entrance with single yellow lines. Most of the streets nearby have resident only parking by permit and the other areas are parked up by students or by people who work nearby.

If you elect to travel by private hire just be sure you know how much they will charge you for the journey as some have been known to overcharge disabled people. Taxis have to charge the price on the meter.

Distance from the disabled entrance it is a long walk to the assessment rooms, through several sets of double doors. There is a call button to ask for assistance at the disabled entrance however if you feel that either the distance or the parking is going to be a problem for you, you can ask for a home assessment. STAND was assured when we raised these issues with Capita that people could elect for a home assessment. If you have had a problem with getting a home assessment please let us know via this website.

Staff when we visited Winton House the staff/ assessor could not have been more helpful. If you do have problems please let us know.

STAND was asked to look at access issues at Winton House when people are called for assessments for their Personal Independence Payment. Members reported problems and so we did a photographic report (see link below). Capita were contacted about the results of this report and asked to give us their response within 14 days.

Attempts at emailing the full report met with problems as their email given on their website does not accept attachments. An expensive phone call to their office did not resolve the problem so the report was sent without the photographs with our web address so that they can access the full report. Copies were sent to CAB, Healthwatch, and our MPs.

Winton House Access Report 17 Click on Link to read this report

An immediate response from Joan Walley MP.

 Dear Pam
> Having read your report I am very concerned indeed about the apparent failure to ensure the building is compliant.
> I will raise this directly with Capita and with the DWP. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Joan

21st July 2014

Both CAB and Healthwatch are now involved with this issue. No response from Capita.

Sept 14 Reply from Andy Parker Chief Executive of Capita via Joan Walley

Dear Ms Walley,

Thanks you for your letter dated 3rd Sept 2014.

I am sorry to hear of the problems “STAND” have encountered regarding Capita and PIP. I have forwarded your correspondence to the appropriate person within Capita to investigate this case further.

A further response will therefore follow in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Parker

Chief Executive

Oct 14 Representatives from STAND met on site with a representative from CAPITA and several issues around improving access were raised. We had a very useful meeting and several improvements were discussed including a new intercom system so people could call for help, electric opening doors in the corridor, a loop system for hearing impaired and further discussions on other improvements.

Joan Walley sent us a letter confirming these arrangements.

Jan 2015 Members from STAND did a site visit and were very pleased to see that all of the issues we raised and the improvements suggested had been carried out, with the exception of the parking problems. Well Done CAPITA.

March 2017 We are hearing of people who have opted for a home assessment due to the problems of parking by Winton House and they are saying that Capita is making this very difficult. If you have experience problems please let us know.