Your MP’s

All of our MPs are working hard on your behalf.

Following the last election we have lost some of our wonderful MPs, however we welcome Aaron Bell, MP for Newcastle,  Jo Gideon MP for for Stoke central and Johnathon Gullis for Stoke North information when they have settled in.

Click the links below to find out what they have done on your behalf.

Stoke on Trent North

Ruth Smeeth was the

Ruth  was MP  for Stoke North elected on May 7th 2015

Ruth was supporting STAND’s Blue Iris Campaign to combat loneliness. We thank Ruth for all the fantastic work she and her office staff did for STAND and wish her well.


Stoke on Trent Central

Gareth Snell MP was a great help to STAND. Many thanks.
For more information on Gareth’s involvement please click here

 Stoke-on-Trent South

Jack Brereton MP Our MP is Jack Brereton

Since taking office he and his office staff have been a great support to STAND.
For more information on Jack and Rob Flello’s involvement please click here

 Newcastle under Lyme

Paul Farrelly MP
We thank Paul for his help and wish him well.For more information on Paul Farrelly’s involvement please click here